Initiating Outpatient Practice

I’ve been a clinical psychologist with CHE Behavioral Health Services for close to 3 years, as well as a psychologist for nearly 20 years. During my time with CHE, I’ve provided therapy sessions for residents of two nursing homes.

CHE has recently expanded its range of services to include outpatients. In part, this is due to the unprecedented demand for mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today was my first day of seeing outpatients for CHE. I felt challenged by seeing clients who are significantly younger than the typical nursing home residents.

I’m still getting comfortable with all of the technical aspects of navigating this new online platform for providing services. Nevertheless, I was deeply satisfied that all of the diverse clients whom I saw today said that they felt very comfortable with me as a therapist.

I look forward to the challenges of working with a more diverse range of clients through CHE’S outpatient teletherapy services. It’s always good to need to use a variety of skills as a clinical psychologist.


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