Gut Health

I’ve recently become very interested in the topic of gut health. I’m learning that our gut is so powerfully linked to our moods.

The good bacteria in our gut is responsible for 85% of our immune system, 95% of our neurotransmitter synthesis, and the production of 20 hormones. Having suffered from depression for many years, I really find this fascinating.

I’ve been taking Plexus’ Tri-Plex for a few months at this point. I want to support the development of good bacteria in my gut, to provide an additional resource for lifting my mood.

I was skeptical about trying Plexus at first, but I really do believe that it’s made a difference for me. Please feel free to direct message me on Facebook, should you have any questions about using Plexus products.

As the old saying goes, “Learn to trust your gut.”

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