Clinician Mistake

I recently signed up to be a provider on an online counseling platform. For a few weeks, I waited for potential clients to be matched to my areas of clinical expertise.

Last evening I was supposed to have had a phone session with a young woman. Unfortunately, I failed to merge this appointment with my other clinical responsibilities for the day. As a result, I completely forgot to phone this new client.

As soon as this error came to my attention, I promptly emailed this client, profusely apologizing for my mistake. I waited for this client’s reply to my email.

This woman replied two hours later, stating that my failure to call her was very difficult. She said that it was especially difficult because she has been let down by other counselors in the past. She said that she didn’t feel like she could trust me anymore, which I completely understand.

I sent this woman another email, sharing yet again that I was deeply apologetic for not having phoned her, and that I understood her desire to look for another therapist. I again stated that I knew my behavior was especially difficult for her to accept, given her history.

I honestly forget about this appointment. Sometimes, such unintentional errors have significant consequences.

I can honestly say that what I did was very out of character. At this point, I can only learn from my mistake.

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