Unpredictability of MS

It’s Tuesday. I fully intended to work all day at a nearby nursing home. I showered, dressed, and applied makeup.

Less than an hour after getting ready, I began to experience a very familiar MS symptom: vertigo. Consequently, I decided not to go to work today.

After decades of living with MS, the emergence of symptoms still catches me by surprise. After all, MS is a notoriously unpredictable disease.

One never knows what MS symptoms will manifest, how severe those symptoms will be, and whether symptoms will result in a permanent deficit.

I’ll need to take today easy, despite having plenty of things that need my attention. I’m currently debating whether or not to take a low dose of Valium for my vertigo, i.e., 2 mg. I have several pills remaining, from a Valium prescription that was filled more than two years ago. I only take this medication when my vertigo is relatively more severe.

This, too, shall pass.

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