Memorial Service

Today was very challenging. We had a memorial service for the many residents who have passed away at a nearby nursing home where I provide psychological services.

I was asked to speak for a few minutes, after the opening prayer. I stressed that grief is individual, and that we need to feel free to express our emotions. I shared a poem about losing a loved one. Surprisingly, I was able to maintain my composure while reading these words.

There was a slide show, with pictures of the residents who have passed away. It was accompanied by very inspirational music. Soon into watching this slide show, my tears began to freely flow. I cried so hard that my entire mask was completely soaked.

Of course, today’s service reminded me of the loss of my mother, which occurred nine months ago. I miss her so very much. I know that she’s in a much better place, and I do take deep comfort in that knowledge.

Nevertheless, I miss the sound of my mother’s voice, her laughter, and the way in which she always had the right words to say to make me feel much better.

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