Can’t Believe My Eyes

The past couple of weeks have been very interesting, with respect to my eye health. Never take your vision for granted.

Since I spend so much time providing online counseling sessions, I’ve noticed increased eye strain. I decided to invest in a pair of blue light eyeglasses to reduce this problem.

Ten days ago, I developed yet another episode of optic neuritis. Almost without exception, it has affected my right eye. I chose to let this episode resolve on its own, rather than phoning my neurologist to receive a course of steroids. The eye pain and blurred vision have now resolved, most thankfully.

Earlier today, I had my annual eye examination. Thankfully, my prescription for contact lenses has not changed. He said that my optic nerve appears healthy. Surprisingly, my eye doctor said that I have cataracts in both eyes. He said that I’m somewhat young to have developed cataracts.

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