Feeling Weary

Today, I’m simply feeling weary. Weary of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, weary of the recent craziness in Washington D.C., and weary of working so hard, in utter isolation.

I’m also weary of managing so many chronic medical conditions. On a regular basis, I need to order prescriptions, schedule appointments, undergo tests, etc. I’m especially weary that so many of my prescriptions have been changed, as well as the medical expenses that I have, even with health insurance.

I have so many medical conditions that involve fatigue as a symptom, such as MS and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I take so many medications that list fatigue as a side effect. I have relapsing-remitting MS, which is extraordinarily stress-sensitive. When I feel stressed, my MS fatigue consistently worsens.

I’m weary of being updated about the deaths of nursing home residents whom I’ve been seeing each week, for the past few years. I’m weary of always needing to be “on” for my online counseling sessions, despite how I feel.

I know that this too shall pass, but today, I’m just plain weary.

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