It’s Been Some Time

I just realized that it’s been three full weeks since I last wrote a blog! I’ve been incredibly busy recently, with my clinical positions and disease management of multiple chronic conditions.

My clinical position has recently changed the process for completing progress notes for my sessions with nursing home residents. This new process will take some time for me to learn, of course.

I had my weekly COVID-19 test at the nursing home where I provide services every Tuesday. I again needed to wear both a mask and goggles for the entire day, which is very difficult to do.

I have extremely heat-sensitive MS. Wearing a mask causes me to get easily overheated, which consistently worsens my MS symptoms.

I also was provided with a packet of information about the new COVID-19 vaccine at work today. I’m intensely ambivalent about receiving this vaccine, due to having relapsing-remitting MS.

On one hand, I feel that it’s important for me to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, given that I’m a healthcare worker who is working with the most vulnerable of populations, the elderly.

The National MS Society has not yet issued a definitive statement about whether individuals with MS should receive this medication. After all, I take immunosuppressive medication, twice per day, to manage my MS.

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