Informational Demands

This morning, I’m thinking about all of the informational demands that are placed on me for any given day. These demands are critically important to attend to, for both of my clinical positions.

Each day, I need to review all of my emails for my CHE Behavioral Health Services position. I also need to check my clinical dashboard, to see if I might have received any new referrals, as well as to review when clients require updated treatment plans.

For my BetterHelp position, I need to check daily if I’ve been matched with new clients. I also need to respond to clients’ messages. In addition, I need to check my schedule for any new appointments that may have come in. I also check my stats, to see if any clients have decided to transfer to a different therapist.

Completion of all of these tasks keeps me extremely busy on any given day. Thankfully, I’ve recently been feeling much better.

The increased anxiety and depression that I had been experiencing after my total hysterectomy appears to have diminished considerably. I’ve been taking Remifemin, an over the counter menopausal supplement, for a period of several weeks.

Despite this improvement, I’m currently more concerned about the status of my idiopathic subglottic stenosis. I’ve recently been experiencing increased throat clearing, which is typically associated with my condition worsening.

It’s close to seventeen months since my last dilatation surgery, my nineteenth one. Nevertheless, this is actually an improvement for managing this rare condition. For the past few years, I’ve needed throat dilatation surgeries every six months.

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