Practicing Good Self-Care

Working as a clinical psychologist is an extremely stressful job. You are continuously up close and personal with individuals who are, after all, experiencing varying degrees of emotional distress.

This occupation can easily leave you feeling very depleted. After all, we all have finite physical, cognitive, and emotional resources.

A profession that requires active listening to others’ distress is a very demanding one. Unless a psychologist takes time for his/her own mental health and well-being, he/she can feel like they’re pouring from an empty pot.

Counselors frequently pursue their own therapy. Doing so has multiple benefits. It helps lessen the probability of having one’s own issues interfere with effective responses to a client’s concerns.

I have periodically been involved with therapy at several different points during my life, for a variety of reasons. I’ve recently been thinking about doing so again, for a number of reasons.

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