Diverse Range of Issues

It’s definitely been a learning curve to be providing online therapy, as opposed to meeting with clients in person. There have been some minor technical issues so far. I guess this was to be expected, to a certain degree.

I’ve really been enjoying my new counseling position with BetterHelp. There’s already been enormous diversity in the range of clients’ initial concerns.

Clients who access this forum have the option to live chat, text, or phone a counselor. They also have the opportunity for a video session. I prefer to conduct video sessions, since it’s so important to have eye contact during therapy, as well as to be able to witness an individual’s body language.

I still enjoy meeting with the geriatric residents whom I see in nursing homes. I’m now working with clients who happen to be decades younger. I’ve asked each of them about the impact of COVID-19 on their lives.

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