Colorful Breakfast

The above picture represents the medications, plus supplements, that I take each morning.  I take additional medications and supplements during the remainder of the day.

It’s no easy task to keep on top of all filling all of these medications and purchasing these supplements.   Some are one-month prescriptions, whereas others come in a ninety-day supply.  Of course, I’ve consulted a pharmacist about any possible interactions between my medications and supplements.

I have Silver Script, a medicare prescription drug plan, to assist with the costs of my medications.   However, I need to pay out of pocket for the numerous supplements that I take; this is a considerable expense.

Each of my prescription medications has numerous side effects.  Most of them are notorious for weight gain, my least favorite side effect.

In addition, there are multiple interactions when you take so many prescriptions. Consequently, I’m attempting to take far fewer medications.

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