Online Counseling Opportunity

For the past several days, I’ve experienced some light spotting. It was more pronounced last night.

During the day, I experienced ongoing, mild cramping. I kept busy by writing notes for my nursing home residents’ sessions that were conducted yesterday.

Since it’s now been more than six weeks since my hysterectomy, I started to feel concerned about my spotting. I phoned my gynecologist, early this morning, about this upsetting issue.

To supplement my nursing home income, I decided to apply today for a position with BetterHelp, an online counseling forum. I took their clinical test this afternoon. I expect to receive my results within three days.

At the end of the workday, my gynecologist phoned me. He said that my symptoms are normal, given that my sutures are now in the process of resolving. He would, of course, be more concerned if I were to experience increased bleeding.

I’m very relieved to hear what my gynecologist said, as well as optimistic about an additional clinical opportunity.

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