Two Year Anniversary of Blog

Today marks the second anniversary of writing my blog. I still remember my initial excitement about starting my blog. I felt that there was so very much for me to share.

To date, I’ve written 970 posts. My posts have been read in 38 countries, which really surprises me. Most recently, my readership has declined for this month.

I’ll admit that I did have some reservations about having decided to share such personal information about my health challenges. Nevertheless, I decided to move forward in sharing my wide variety of health problems.

So much has changed in the two years since I started this blog. The single most important change has been that my mother died. During this time, I also witnessed my daughter going through a divorce. I got engaged, and moved in with my fiance, too.

During the past couple of years, I transformed my blog into a book that was published during November 2019. I also taught five psychology courses.

In addition, I had another dilatation surgery for my subglottic stenosis. I experienced fluctuations in my thyroid replacement medication dose. Most significantly, I underwent a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and bladder sling surgery.

My goal remains to share my experiences in order to assist someone else who may be struggling with the very same issue. By doing so, I hope that their experiences feel validated.

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