Behavior Modification

Thankfully, I’ve been implementing several important changes in my overall health habits this week. I knew that it was time to start doing so, on a consistent basis, for so many different reasons.

During the past week, I fasted for a 36-hour period. I was mindful of my daily caloric intake. I paid much more attention to being adequately hydrated. I also used my WalkFit app to track my daily number of steps, working up to 10,000 per day. In addition, I used a variety of supplements, including an over the counter menopause supplement, to address my ongoing concerns.

I’m happy to report that I lost four pounds by incorporating all of these recent changes. What I gained, however, was even more important. I truly have paid much more careful attention to how well I take care of myself. I don’t consider that I’m on a strict diet, but that I’m making healthier choices for my overall health and well-being.

I’ve forgiven myself for having slipped into some bad habits during the past several months. After all, I have experienced a tremendous degree of losses in my life during the first eight months of this year. Self-care was not as much of a priority, for several reasons. I know that I have turned a corner at this point, nevertheless.

I’m committed to taking better care of my overall general health, as opposed to simply managing a multitude of chronic conditions. I’m sure that continuing to engage in these healthier practices will yield valuable dividends.

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