Back to School

I just spoke with my manager, regarding my anticipated return to work. Given that my recovery has been somewhat slower than I originally expected, I’ve decided to take a full six weeks off after having multiple surgeries on the same day. He thought that this was an excellent idea, especially with the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

I was very happy to hear my manager ask if I would be willing to take an upcoming course on perceived trauma. I’d be reimbursed for doing so. I informed him that I’d be very interested in doing so.

Also, my manager asked if I was satisfied with working for the company where I’m a clinical psychologist. He said that another employee had recently noticed that I had uploaded a resume via LinkedIn. I said that I was very content with my employment with CHE Behavioral Health Services, and that I was looking into a part-time, online teaching opportunity.

My manager said that he was very happy to hear this, since he was very pleased that I was working for them. I also stated that I’ve regularly been in touch with both of the facilities where I provide services.

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