Possibility of Second Book

I’ve been thinking about the possibility of writing another book. While I’ve had modest success with my first published book, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was entirely too long! I simply had a lot to say, but that doesn’t mean that someone else is interested in reading such an extensive tome.

I’ve considered writing a book about grieving and loss. Losing my mother continues to be very difficult, nearly three months after her passing. There have been predictable, as well as somewhat unexpected challenges that I’ve encountered along this journey.

Alternatively, I’ve contemplated writing a book about the emotional consequences of adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m particularly interested in how this pandemic has impacted individuals with pre-existing mental health issues.

I’ve also contemplated writing about the psychological aspects of menopause. My personal experience has been very eye-opening. I never expected this transition to be as challenging as it continues to be.

I’ll have to give additional thought to considering writing another book. It’s certainly an all-consuming endeavor.

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