Discussion with Neurologist

Earlier today, my neurologist phoned me to discuss a couple of important issues. Given that this practitioner is located a full ninety minutes away, I really appreciated being able to discuss my concerns over the phone.

My neurologist wanted additional information about the adverse reaction that I experienced when I last took Vumerity. She also wanted to discuss the disappointing results of my bladder sling surgery.

My specialist recommended that I take an 81 mg. dose of enteric aspirin, approximately thirty minutes before I take Vumerity. I’ll let her know if doing so attenuated the intense itching and redness that I last experienced after taking Vumerity.

We also discussed my bladder sling surgery results. She recommended pelvic floor physical therapy for me. She wants me to ask my gynecologist when it’s safe for me to be able to initiate this therapy.

I feel very deeply blessed to have such a competent, as well as compassionate, neurologist. She consistently pays close attention to each of my concerns.

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