Social Media and Chronic Illness

I’ve been continuing to benefit from how accessing social media affects coping with my chronic illnesses. I keep discovering new ways that this involvement is helping, too.

For example, I continue to write my WordPress blog, almost two years after starting to do so. I always post my entries to both Facebook and Twitter.

I regularly access Facebook groups that are specifically designed for the conditions with which I’m coping. I benefit from feeling validated when others share highly similar concerns. I certainly hope that others are helped when I disclose information about my individual conditions.

I’ve had very interesting interactions as a result of posting all of my blogs. Readers have provided valuable information, and I’ve also been able to share helpful insights.

Dealing with chronic illness is often exceptionally lonely. Daily symptoms continue to interfere with taking part in activities with others.

I’m so thankful that I have ongoing access to social media. It’s been an essential component of trying to cope optimally with my chronic conditions.

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