Considering Non-Prescription Supplements

Since my total hysterectomy, I’ve definitely noticed increased symptoms that are entirely consistent with menopause. I’ve begun to have more severe hot flashes, for example. I’ve also begun to have night sweats.

Since hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is contraindicated for me, I’ve begin to research some non-prescription alternatives. I’ve already been taking Black Cohosh, on a daily basis, for the past year; I intend to keep taking this supplement.

I recently placed a call for further information about the benefits of initiating bioidentical hormones. I’m looking forward to discussing this treatment option with a trained specialist. Of course, I’ll need to research how bioidentical hormones may interact with my extensive list of prescription medications.

In the interim, I’ve decided to start a trial of over the counter Amberen. I’m curious to see to what extent it will mitigate my menopausal symptoms.

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