Anniversary of MS Diagnosis

Twenty-seven years ago today, I was officially diagnosed with MS. Over the phone, my neurologist at the time informed me that they found several white matter lesions on my brain MRI.

I remember feeling totally in shock when she relayed these words to me. I soon scheduled an office visit with her. During that appointment, she abruptly informed me that I had MS. She callously said, “There’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t be depressed.”

I recall feeling that my life had been distinctly divided into two phases: before and after this diagnosis. Only one year before, I was capable of running several miles per day.

Fast forward to the present: I have a considerably more sensitive neurologist with whom to work. I’ve tried, as well as needed to discontinue, both Copaxone and Aubagio. I’m currently struggling to see if I can tolerate Vumerity.

I’m profoundly thankful for my continuing abilities, twenty-seven years post-diagnosis. I continue to have multiple MS symptoms, on a daily basis.

Remarkably, I can still walk totally unassisted. I definitely didn’t expect this to be the case, given my severe exacerbations during the first few years after receiving my diagnosis.

I’m especially thankful that I continue to experience significant relief from my MS fatigue, through twice-daily usage of Amantadine. Debilitating fatigue has been one of the most difficult MS symptoms with which I’ve had to deal.

1 thought on “Anniversary of MS Diagnosis”

  1. What tests did they do to diagnose you with MS? I actually found your blog by searching “depo provera” but this post caught my eye. I had a brain MRI a few years ago and had multiple lesions so saw a neurologist but she said she didn’t think I had MS then when I went to my regular Dr he said he didn’t think I had MS – like they kept reassuring me I didn’t have it. I originally did the scan for headaches that were really bad.


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