Post-surgical Follow-up

This morning, I met with my gynecologist for my post-surgical follow-up. It’s been slightly over two weeks since I received my surgeries.

Thankfully, my gynecologist thinks that I’m healing adequately so far. My incision sites have been healing very slowly. This most likely reflects the fact that I’ve been taking immunosuppressant medication, twice per day, to manage my relapsing-remitting MS. Whenever I have even a minor cut, it takes a very long time to heal.

We discussed that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is contraindicated for me, since it exacerbates my subglottic stenosis. My doctor mentioned that quarterly injections of Depo-Provera might be an acceptable solution to consider. He recommended that I continue to take Black Cohosh, to reduce the severity of my hot flashes.

I mentioned that I’m still having stress incontinence. My gynecologist thinks that I need to give my body more time to fully heal, in order to assess whether the bladder sling surgery was effective.

At this point, I’ll simply need to schedule an annual follow-up appointment with my gynecologist.

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