Emotional Versus Physical Healing

I’ve been thinking about the healing process this afternoon, whether it be physical or emotional in nature. Both types of healing can be long-term, complex, and erratic.

It’s been nearly three months since my mother passed away. There are still times when I feel that this could not have possibly really happened. After all, she had been around for so very many years. On some level, I expected to have her even longer.

Of course, my rational mind knew that I would eventually lose my mother one day. Nevertheless, my heart still struggles to accept this stark reality.

Speaking of physical healing, it’s now exactly two weeks since I had my surgeries. So far, I’ve had days where I have experienced a relative improvement in my symptoms, followed by days of temporary setbacks.

I think that it’ll take several more weeks to continue to heal. I recently read that it takes up to twelve weeks to fully heal internally after receiving a total hysterectomy.

Healing takes time, whether it be physical or emotional. Neither process should be rushed. Trying to do so only invites complications for achieving the best possible outcome.

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