No Teaching for Fall Semester

At this point, I don’t anticipate teaching any college courses during the upcoming fall semester. This is upsetting, since I really enjoy teaching.

The community college where I have been teaching has reported reduced enrollment for this fall. Consequently, there is a dramatically reduced need for adjunct professors. Adjuncts are often utilized to teach a second section of a popular course, such as General Psychology.

I know that there’s still the option of applying for exclusively online teaching opportunities. Honestly, this doesn’t appeal to me nearly as much as being in the classroom with students.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, I haven’t been in the classroom with students. It was extremely challenging to finish teaching this past semester, given that the majority of my Introductory Psychology course needed to be taught remotely.

I enjoy having in-class discussions with my students. I also like to share specific experiences from my work as a clinical psychologist, as a direct application of material presented.

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