Day Two Post-Surgery

I’m so thankful to have recently been prescribed hydrocodone. It definitely has taken the edge off of my post-surgical discomfort.

I’m continuing to take an anti-inflammatory dose of Ibuprofen, too. I’m alternating it with my doses of hydrocodone.

I’m trying to walk, for short distances, as much as possible. I still have not taken a shower, however. It still really hurts to change position. Sitting to standing really hurts!

I’ve been drinking a lot of water, too. I’m going to ask my gynecologist about the possibility of initiating hormone replacement therapy (HRT), during my follow-up appointment at the end of this month.

As I’ve previously mentioned, my ENT stated that HRT is contraindicated with my subglottic stenosis. This really makes me consider undergoing a tracheal re-section more seriously than before.

I would typically be working today, focusing on the well-being of several residents. Today, I’m simply trying to take the very best care of myself.

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