Day after Surgeries

It’s the day after my surgeries. I’m experiencing significant pain, to be honest. It’s extremely uncomfortable to shift positions at this point. Trying to take even a few steps is very painful.

I was only sent home with ibuprofen for pain control. Consequently, I phoned the on-call physician for something stronger. Thankfully, they called in hydrocodone. I’m looking forward to taking this, after my daughter picks it up for me this afternoon.

I’m going to just rest as much as possible today. My body has been through major surgery.

1 thought on “Day after Surgeries”

  1. You need to be patient for at least 4 days!!! Rest, listen to music, put a favorite movie on (you can feel not guilty falling asleep). Your body needs to regroup! Been there, done most of that. Trust me!!!! Enjoy the pain killers!

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