Considering Hormone Replacement Therapy

Next Monday, I’ll be having a total laparoscopic hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and bladder sling surgery. I wanted to avoid receiving general anesthesia twice, so I decided to have these procedures performed on the same day.

Like I’ve previously mentioned, I’m concerned about the emotional consequences of undergoing a hysterectomy. I’ve been reading about how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help tremendously, with both physical and emotional symptoms.

Two years ago, I was having multiple hot flashes per day. My primary care physician prescribe a low dose of hormone replacement therapy as a treatment. It was effective; however, my ENT stated that HRT was contraindicated with having a subglottic stenosis. Therefore, I discontinued the HRT.

1 thought on “Considering Hormone Replacement Therapy”

  1. Perhaps a limited time on HRT would be helpful, then weaning off to reduce the possible effect on the subglottal stenosis. Does the medical literature suggest some patients with subglottal stenosis may be able to tolerate HRT? Would a 2nd opinion be worth considering? Praying for wisdom and an uneventful recovery!


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