Challenges of Keeping Active in the Heat

Today is forecasted to be exceptionally hazy, hot, and humid. This is disastrous for anyone with heat-sensitive MS.

My MS symptoms rapidly worsen with exposure to hot weather. Spending even 15 minutes in hot weather results in numbness in my lower extremities, plus blurred vision, increased weakness, and difficulty walking.

I know that I need to be much more physically active, but this extended stretch of very warm days makes it extremely difficult to do so. I recently downloaded WalkFit, to determine just how many steps I happen to take in any given day.

Not surprisingly, I’ve been taking far fewer steps than the 10,000 per day that are recommended. My work as a clinical psychologist is extremely sedentary.

I’m really struggling with my current weight, which is much higher than it should be. I strongly believe that menopause-related hormonal changes are playing a significant role.

In addition, I daily take so many prescription medications that list weight gain as a side effect. My highly recurrent subglottic stenosis has also impacted my ability to remain active on a regular basis.

The struggle is real. Perhaps initiating hormone replacement therapy (HRT) after my upcoming total hysterectomy will help.

Almost incomprehensibly at this point, I used to run for several miles, even in hot weather. Regardless, I choose to focus my mind on my remaining abilities.

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