Waking Up Depressed

This morning, I woke up feeling very depressed. This past weekend was another first: the first 4th of July without my mother.

One week from today, I’ll be having my total laparoscopic hysterectomy, plus bladder sling surgeries. I’m concerned about any possible complications that might develop.

I’ll miss chatting with my mother about how I feel after receiving surgery. She was always so faithful in going with me to my multiple throat dilatation surgeries.

This week will be the last week that I’ll be meeting with my residents for several weeks. I need to inform each of them about my upcoming absence. I’ll genuinely miss seeing all of them.

I’m trying to focus on the relief that I’ll experience after receiving my surgeries, rather than the challenges of the post-recovery period. I’ve been reading a lot about receiving these types of surgeries.

1 thought on “Waking Up Depressed”

  1. You have every right to be depressed! What a hard time. I often imagine how a conversation w my mom would have gone and draw some comfort from that. You are an inspiration to me. Not that this helps YOU.

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