Mourning My Mother

Only seven weeks ago, I lost my beloved mother. I was deeply blessed to have had her for nearly fifty-six years of my life.

I’ve thought so many times about picking up the phone to call her. I miss sharing what’s been happening in my life with her. Now, I just share it with her in a different way.

I feel a very deep sense of emptiness without having her around. This was especially acute yesterday, since I’d been in the habit of seeing her every Sunday.

We went to a local consignment shop, where I was in the habit of buying her material that she used for sewing little girls’ dresses. Looking at this fabric brought tears to my eyes yesterday.

Thankfully, I have a treasure trove of wonderful memories of my mother. She was the most selfless person I’ve ever met in my entire life.

I’ve chosen to start donating to a couple of the charities that she so faithfully supported over so many years. I certainly hope that she’s smiling down on me these days.

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