Feeling Inadequate to Help

Some days, I feel most inadequate in my role as a clinical psychologist. After all, I see residents who appear to keep struggling with the very same issues, despite their continued reception of psychotherapy services.

The majority of the time, I provide supportive psychotherapy for residents in nursing homes. I often include validation therapy, too.

I certainly want my residents to feel that they’re being listened to closely. Thankfully, I’ve had so very many of them state that they do feel listened to, on a regular basis.

I think that most doctors, including mental health professionals, want to cure their patients’ symptoms. When they are unable to do so, feelings of inadequacy may surface.

Quite honestly, healtcare practitioners deal with a lot of presenting concerns that can’t necessarily be “fixed,” “cured”, or “eliminated.” Nevertheless, we can offer helpful tools for how to manage these concerns more effectively.

Psychotherapy services are valuable because they decrease an individual’s sense of isolation in dealing with persistent issues. Having a trusted confidant who listens to our issues has tremendous benefits.

I sincerely hope that my sessions with residents will allow them to feel less overwhelmed by their current situations, as well as a renewed sense of purpose in addressing their struggles.

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