Dangerous Comparisons

It’s very tempting to compare ourselves to others. We might find that we compare our physical appearances, our careers, our health statuses, our financial resources, and/or our relationships.

Engaging in such comparisons isn’t always harmless. After all, we may find ourselves less content with ourselves after doing so. Most likely, you’ll find that someone else is more attractive, or that he or she has greater financial resources.

Such comparisons rarely produce positive results. They are also only partially accurate. For example, that coworker whom we consider more attractive might be experiencing marital problems in her life. Our neighbor who appears more financially successful might be very dissatisfied with his chosen career.

Alternatively, you might come to the conclusion that someone else has a stronger relationship with their significant other, or that they have a more successful career.

Social media appears to only worsened the dangers of engaging in comparisons. The majority of us typically post the highlights of our lives on any given social platform, rather than our personal struggles.

Acceptance is critically important for being satisfied in our lives. It’s healthy to count our blessings, on a regular basis, as opposed to engaging in unhealthy comparisons with others.

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