Effects of Extended Isolation

Each week, I meet with elderly residents in two different nursing homes. I’ve really been amazed by the dramatic emotional consequences of their extended isolation from others, secondary to COVID-19.

The majority of the residents whom I see are struggling with varying degrees of anxiety, depression, or a combination of both. I’ve definitely noticed that the anxious residents have become even more anxious throughout this global pandemic. The residents who are struggling with depression strongly appear to be battling increased severities of depression.

I really hope that it’s not too much longer before the visitation restrictions will be lifted for the residents whom I see on a weekly basis. They are truly suffering as a result of not being able to see their family members and/or friends.

I certainly hope that my weekly visits help to alleviate some of their deep loneliness. After so very many years of working as a clinical psychologist with elderly residents, I still view my position as a privilege.

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