Miserable Wearing a Mask

Honestly, I’m really miserable having to wear a mask all day when I’m working in a nursing home. My relapsing-remitting MS is very heat-sensitive.

Today, I’ve been sweating profusely while wearing a mask. I not only feel uncomfortably hot, but my MS symptoms are definitely worsening. My legs went completely numb due to feeling overheated, in a matter of less than fifteen minutes.

In addition, it’s so difficult for residents who are extremely hard of hearing to understand me when I’m required to wear a mask the entire time that I see them.

Furthermore, I have subglottic stenosis. It’s really challenging to live with this chronic condition, even without having to wear a mask. Wearing a mask when you feel your airway narrowing is torturous.

I realize that COVID-19 still remains a problem, and that it’s important for me to do so. Nevertheless, it’s extra uncomfortable for some of us, based upon our medical conditions.

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