Updated Treatment Plans

Every ninety days, I’m required to submit updated treatment plans for the residents I see. Given everything that took place over the last several months, I fell behind on completion of this task.

I spent several hours today working on updated treatment plans for my residents. This is necessary to ensure that there’s still a medical necessity for these residents to continue to receive weekly psychotherapy sessions. I carefully make note of areas of improvement, as well as areas where there are continued concerns.

I sometimes feel discouraged when I notice that residents are still continuing to suffer with the same symptoms, whether anxiety, depression, or a combination of both. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that reception of psychotherapy makes a difference in one’s life.

With the visitation restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, I really believe that psychological services are more important than ever for our elderly population. It’s deeply gratifying to have residents consistently express their appreciation for spending time with them.

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