Diverse Clinical Issues

I’ve encountered multiple clinical issues during this week of seeing residents at two nursing homes. I’ve dealt with a ninety-five-year-old who wants desperately to return to her own home, despite the fact that it has already been sold by her adult son. I’ve encountered a ninety-year-old woman who is struggling to accept dealing with chronic pain, due to degenerative joint disease.

Furthermore, I’ve met with a fifty-year-old woman with hemiplegia who is frustrated about remaining in a nursing home for an extended period of time, while concurrently grieving the death of her mother. I’ve also encountered an elderly man who really wants to return home, despite his wife’s strong objection to doing so.

In addition, I’ve met with a sixty-six-year-old man who has multiple sclerosis. He recently sustained a serious fall at the nursing home. He’s in the process of moving in with a friend in the near future. I’ve dealt with a resident who has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder; her persistent voices have told her to pack up her belongings, in order to move out of the facility. She has been obedient to their commands.

I truly love my job as a clinical health psychologist. Each week, I have the opportunity to meet with individuals who are struggling with a wide variety of demands and issues.

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