Grading While Grieving

I’ve been very busy today, with both grieving and grading.

I’ve spent a lot of time correcting assignments, as well as entering grades, for my Advanced Placement General Psychology high school students. After students submit their final examinations, I’ll be able to calculate their final course grades for this semester. I’m so grateful that the school administration has granted me additional time for completion of this task.

While spending my time grading, I’ve been feeling very heavy-hearted about the loss of my mother. She passed away less than one month ago. I miss her terribly. There are so many things that I want to share with her. I’m still continuing to share what’s happening with her, just in a different way. I very much want her to be pleased by my decisions and choices.

This afternoon, I made the decision to start contributing to one of the charities that my mother so faithfully supported on a monthly basis: Food for the Poor. My mother was completely selfless, always thinking about others before herself.

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