Grieving is Tiring

It’s now been twenty-three days since my mother passed away. I’ve certainly thought about her, in so many different ways, hundreds of times.

I’m finding that this grieving process is extremely tiring, on both physical and emotional levels. It is never easy to experience a major loss in your life. The death of a parent certainly falls within that category.

I’m staying overnight with my daughter this weekend. I’m so thankful that she has good friends who’ve been supportive of her. So many times, I’ve nearly popped my head into what used to be my mother’s room, to ask her if there’s something that she needed.

I’ve definitely been very comforted by so many different memories involving my mother. Thinking about these bring a smile to my face.

I still need to finish grading exams for my Advanced Placement high school students. Thankfully, I’ve been granted an extension for doing so. My concentration hasn’t been the best since my mother died.

1 thought on “Grieving is Tiring”

  1. So hard. Of course grieving affects the body. I implore you to work below the threshold for disability.. it is obviously too much and I mean before your mother’s death, even. It takes So much out of you. Surely your d rs would agree. I fear you are accelerating your conditions and exacw4nating them. Combin3 with the grief it is so bad. You are eloquent, but I fear for you.

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