First Birthday without My Mother

Next Monday, May 18, is my birthday. It will be my first birthday without my mother. The day will be a very bittersweet celebration. I’ll miss not receiving a card from my mother this year.

I miss my mother so very much tonight. Countless times, I’ve thought about her since her passing. I deeply miss hearing the sound of her voice. It was always very reassuring to me, regardless of whatever happened to be taking place in my life.

I’m saddened to know that I can’t pick up the phone to call my mother anymore. We used to talk very frequently. Her short-term memory became very impaired within the past year. Her long-term memory was well above average, even at age ninety. I’d give anything tonight to hear one of her stories being repeated, due to her forgetfulness.

I’ve been very busy with assisting my daughter with running multiple errands today, including picking up her prescriptions, buying storage containers for my mother’s clothing, and going grocery shopping.

I’m so thankful that my eldest sister has been staying with us during the past week. It’s been very comforting to have her support and assistance. We’ll really miss her when she flies back home next Tuesday.

I’m currently way behind on my work-related responsibilities. For example, my updated treatment plans are way overdue for my nursing home residents. In addition, I have so many responsibilities remaining for teaching my General Psychology class. Thankfully, I was granted an extension for submitting students’ final grades.

It’s been most important to be close to my family since my mother passed away eight days ago. It’s been essential to assist my daughter during this most difficult time. I’ll catch up on my work tasks as soon as possible.

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