We Need a Break

My family really needs a break! My elderly mother is back in the hospital, for the fourth time, in just a couple of months. My adult daughter is wearing her fifth cast, after sustaining a foot fracture eight weeks ago.

I feel bone-weary by all that has taken place, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Of course, I’ve still been dealing with my own multiple chronic illnesses at the very same time.

It’s killing me that we can’t go visit my mother in the hospital. She is my very best friend. My daughter and I tried to do everything to help her at home since she returned from the nursing home, but her infection flared up again, necessitating another hospitalization.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to assist both my mother and my daughter during this exceptionally trying time. My daughter and I have definitely grown closer during this most challenging period.

Trying to teach my General Psychology course remotely hasn’t been easy, however. I’m very relieved to have been granted an extension for submission of my Advanced Placement students’ final grades.

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