Return of Vertigo

Yesterday, I started to experience a very familiar MS symptom: vertigo. This symptom has plagued me multiple times during my experience of living with relapsing-remitting MS. Sitting completely still, I feel like the room is wildly spinning all around me.

Thankfully, I still have some leftover Valium (2 mg.) from the last time that I experienced vertigo. Taking such a low dose of Valium, for just a couple of days, has successfully resolved my vertigo in the past.

This weekend, I was scheduled to have been a vendor at a local craft show. As an alternative, I’m trying to market my polymer clay jewelry designs online.

Due to my onset of vertigo, I wasn’t able to see my regular caseload of nursing home residents yesterday. I’ll plan on seeing them over the weekend.

I’m continuing to receive essays from my high school students, who are taking an Advanced Placement General Psychology class. There’s a painfully familiar theme that has emerged in their essays: they’re mourning the loss of so many rites of passage associated with being a high school senior.

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