For some of us, this extended period of imposed isolation is really starting to take its toll. I’m very thankful that I’ve been able to continue to see my regular caseload of nursing home residents, at two different facilities.

I regularly contact key personnel at each facility, to receive updates regarding residents’ COVID-19 statuses. Thankfully, there have been no cases at either facility where I provide psychological services .

It remains a challenge to teach my Advanced Placement high school students. Several have been non-compliant with turning in their examinations. I was surprised when I recently scored their last examination: although it was an open-book test, no one scored higher than 80%.

I’m sure that it must be very demoralizing to be finishing your senior year of high school during this global pandemic. It’s been really interesting to read their personal essays, about how their lives have changed due to COVID-19.

This week, I’m going to phone my local ENT. My throat-clearing has become much more aggressive recently. I strongly believe that I am due for another throat dilatation surgery. I’m also short of breath, with only minimal exertion.

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