Stress Overload

Today has been exceptionally stressful. I took my daughter to her orthopedic appointment, expecting her to have her cast removed. She had it removed, followed by having an x-ray that showed that her fracture is not healed. Consequently, she was recasted.

My daughter has been assisting my elderly mother with everyday tasks. I’ve tried to help as much as possible, by driving them to all appointments, plus shopping for them and doing their laundry.

Thankfully, my own symptoms have been manageable during this especially stressful period. I gave an examination for my advanced placement high school students today. Therefore, I have multiple tests to grade.

Tomorrow morning, my daughter and I are going to take part in a telehealth appointment for my mother. We really need to arrange for some assistance with her, due to her current condition.

I’ll reschedule seeing my regular caseload of nursing home residents for Saturday, as opposed to Friday, this week. Again, I’m very thankful for the flexibility in my clinical position.

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