Please stop the ride, I want to get off

These past several weeks have been exceptionally stressful. Of course, feeling extra stressed always worsens my MS symptoms. For example, I’ve been experiencing increased paresthesias in my lower extremities all day long.

My 90-year-old mother is again back in the hospital. She was admitted to the hospital only two weeks earlier. She’s developed a UTI. She’s also being tested for COVID-19.

My daughter is continuing to struggle, secondary to having sustained a foot fracture, one month ago. She’s a charge nurse, at a very busy medical center. Being off of work hasn’t been easy for her.

I’m tremendously thankful that I have been feeling well enough to help both of them at this time. They have both needed me much more than usual recently.

I’m also very appreciative about having a flexible work schedule. My work contacts have been very supportive of my need to adjust my schedule recently.

Despite my multiple chronic illnesses, I actually feel very well right now. My prayers go out to so many who are suffering, so very deeply, at this unprecedented time in our nation.

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