Anxiety and COVID-19

Many of us find ourselves feeling more anxious during these uncertain times in our country. We feel especially anxious about not knowing when this unprecedented crisis will finally resolve.

When we watch the news, we’re bombarded with frequent updates regarding the number of COVID-19 cases documented within our geographical area.

If we make a trip to the grocery store for necessities, we’re surrounded by reminders to socially distance ourselves from others. We see disinfecting wipes for our carts, as well as hand sanitizer dispensers.

Some of us are still working. Our daily commute may further expose us to listening to frightening statistics regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. While at work, we encounter a new environment for performing our everyday tasks.

All of these concerns, however, are only magnified when you happen to be living with chronic illness. I am especially vulnerable to developing severe complications should I contract COVID-19.

I have a rare airway disorder, plus I’m taking immunosuppressant medication for the management of my relapsing-remitting MS.

I’m certainly limiting my exposure to others whenever possible. I frequently wash my hands, more than ever before.

If I should contract COVID-19, I pray that my complications will be relatively less severe in nature.

Please be sure to check on your family and friends during this most vulnerable time, especially if they have pre-existing conditions that place them at heightened risk.

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