Increased Vulnerability to COVID-19

I happen to be one of many individuals who are at increased risk of developing complications, should I happen to contract COVID-19. After all, I have a chronic airway disorder. Plus, I’m currently taking immunosuppressant medication for the management of my relapsing-remitting MS.

I’ve tried to limit my time outside the house, but it has not been entirely possible recently. I’ve needed to run errands for both my daughter and my elderly mother. I’m happy that I have been feeling well enough to do so.

It remains very challenging to try to teach a college course remotely. Thankfully, my advanced placement high school students are highly motivated to do well in their classes.

I’m tremendously relieved that I am not currently experiencing increased shortness of breath, nor heightened throat-clearing. Next month, it will be a full year since my last dilatation for my subglottic stenosis.

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