COVID-19 and Emotional Distress

We’re all dealing with the mass uncertainty imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While we’re bombarded with information regarding the medical aspects of this pandemic, it appears that more attention needs to be paid to the emotional aspects of coping with this rampant virus.

It strongly appears that many of us are experiencing the typical stages of grief and loss as we attempt to cope with this pandemic. Some of us are still dealing with denial, as manifested by attempts to downplay the seriousness of this pandemic. In addition, we may minimize the importance of continuing to engage in social distancing as a means of flattening the curve.

Others are contending with the anger phase of adjusting to loss. We’re intensely irritated that our everyday routines have been so powerfully disrupted. Perhaps we feel frustrated by having to find novel ways to perform our work-related activities.

Maybe we find ourselves in the bargaining phase of grieving, assuming that engaging in a certain number of weeks of isolation will attenuate the impact of COVID-19. We promise to adhere to a limited period of altering our lifestyle, expecting that our reward will be that our lives eventually return to normal.

Hopefully, the majority of us will eventually come to accept the new way of life that has become imposed on us. We’ll learn to be human “beings,” as opposed to human “doings.” We will learn to cherish increased time with our family members. We will learn to be more grateful for everyday blessings. We will find ourselves less defined by our accomplishments, as well as our possessions.

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