Battling Burnout

Quite honestly, I feel tremendously burned out this morning. Like everyone else, I find myself reeling from the non-stop updates regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike so many others, I am also immunosuppressed, which makes me even more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19.

I now need to transition all of my employment responsibilities. I don’t feel terribly comfortable with the utilization of technology, so I’m extra stressed by having to do this, too. I need to transfer in-class assignments to online ones. I need to schedule my nursing home residents for teletherapy sessions.

Earlier today, I found out that I have now developed multiple lesions on my thoracic spine, as well as several osteophytes (bone spurs).

This all feels like way to much to be managing simultaneously. Nevertheless, I have found myself at just such a juncture many times before, too.

This too shall pass.

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