Pursuing Online Therapy

Today, I received my very last social security disability benefit. Therefore, I need to pursue viable options for increasing my total income.

I’ve been considering the provision of online therapy as an employment option. I had actually previously considered pursuing this avenue.

With the increased anxiety we are experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic, providing therapy online currently seems like an excellent option to pursue.

4 thoughts on “Pursuing Online Therapy”

  1. Hi. Just found and began following you today. Trying to catch up on some of your posts. Wondering if you are offering online therapy, the demographic you’re serving and how much you are charging.


    1. Thank you so very much for following me! That really means a lot to me. I currently work part-time, as a clinical psychologist in two nursing homes. I don’t offer online therapy.


      1. I wanted to update you! I’m now a provider on the online counseling platform, BetterHelp. They have a variety of packages from which to choose. It’s less expensive than traditional outpatient psychotherapy.


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