Lack of Prescription Funding

I’ve recently been prescribed Vumerity, an immunosuppressant, for the management of my relapsing-remitting MS. The out-of-pocket cost for this medication is more than $88,000 per year!

To date, my costs for this exorbitantly expensive medication have been completely covered by a grant. This has been an enormous relief. Nevertheless, I recently received a letter that states that I currently have less than five hundred dollars remaining for this grant.

Always being proactive, I contacted the Patient Access Network (PAN) regarding future funding opportunities for Vumerity. I was informed that there are currently no programs with additional funding.

The PAN personnel informed me that I could reach out to the Assistance Fund (AF) for potential funding for this important medication. I phoned AF, only to learn that there are no currently available sources of funding for Vumerity.

It’s extremely distressing not to be able to afford continuing to take a medication for the management of my MS. Doing so is critically important.

I sincerely believe that initiating disease-modifying medication, soon after I was diagnosed with MS, is the reason why I am not more severely disabled by this chronic degenerative neurological disorder. Knowing that I am about to lose an important weapon in my arsenal is extremely anxiety-provoking.

I’ll be sure to recheck with both of these patient assistance programs in the near future.

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